Nurse Health Coach

Everyone has something to recover from. We can recover from any personal issue or difficulty, substance abuse, gambling, overeating, smoking, grief, trauma, co-dependency… the list is endless. The West Virginia RN Board has sponsored Nurse Health Coach training for 80+ Registered Nurses. The coaches have been educated to provide support, resources, advocacy, and accountability for health care professionals experiencing any difficulty that would affect the nurse’s ability to practice safely.  

The Nurse Health Coaches reside and practice in all pockets of the state. They are of various ages, cultures, and clinical backgrounds. However, all share a genuine passion for helping others and are eager to be of service to a nurse or nurses in need. As nurses, we care for patients. We are the most trusted profession in the nation for the last 19 years. However, sometimes we as nurses dismiss our own need for assistance and support. This is an opportunity for nurses to help other nurses.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori McComas Chaffins, Nurse Health Outreach Coordinator, for the Board. She is happy to discuss with a Nurse Health Coach program with you or answer any questions.  You may contact her at or 304-389-1197 (Business cell- text or phone call)

If you are interested in having one of these nurses serve as part of your support system, contact Request a Free Coach | Greater Recovery and ( and request a nurse specifically.