Mandatory Admission (WV RN Board or Employer)

When a healthcare professional (HCP) is caught, suspected of diversion, questionably impaired at work, has a qualifying mental health condition, or is suspected of not being fit for duty, the West Virginia State Board of Nursing, Office of the Attorney General, or other regulatory agency may require a mandatory evaluation and admission into WVR. This may also be prompted as a result of local, state, or federal investigations or charges. If this is the case, WVR may be required to maintain complete transparency with all participating reporting agencies in terms of admission into the program, monitoring compliance, ongoing updates, and discharge or completion status.

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Mandatory admission is not the end. Rather, it is just the beginning for West Virginia Restore (WVR) to help you recover and return to your healthcare profession as a new and improved nurse.
West Virginia Restore (WVR)
If you suspect a co-worker is impaired or you are struggling
with alcohol or drug addiction, or a qualifying mental health condition, 
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