Voluntary Admission (Self-Report)

When a healthcare professional (HCP) is proactive and voluntarily self-reports drug or alcohol use or a qualifying mental health condition to WVR, higher levels of confidentiality and advocacy may be offered. However, if the HCP is later reported to WVR by an outside agency, the voluntary (self-report) status may be changed to reflect a mandatory or regulatory admission.

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How It Works

In West Virginia, with voluntary admission, you must sign a contract consenting to your participation in the recovery program. This is then followed by work site support, random drug testing, and an active role in continuing care. The indicators of successfully completing the program require both accountability and transparency between you and WVR. It is our job to help you achieve wellness while also ensuring public safety. This is achieved through documented treatment and participation, established measures of performance, and by incorporating evidence-based and individualized monitoring programs.

West Virginia Restore (WVR)
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